Online Virtual Lessons

$72.60 GST Inclusive

maximum upload file size : 64M
Upload file must not contain any spaces.
If sending a link please ensure Sandi can download the file

Why not take advantage of the opportunity to have Sandi in your own home and have an online virtual lesson.

Don’t have time to get to a clinic?

If you cannot get to her she can come to you.

Film yourself and your horse for 20min (max) and send into JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING

Sandi will overview and then return your footage with voice over or a phone call to give you clear instructions on what to do to help with your application as well as give you more training to continue your journey with your horse.

Sandi will also connect with you via a phone call to ensure you are clear with your lesson and application of cues….

Also to help you understand your fears and how to deal with them.