Confidence on the Trail

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Confidence on the trail Training manual #6
by Sandi Simons

Trail riding can be really scarey but  Sandi has designed a dvd that will give you some answers, so you will be in more control and remain calm. What to do when a car comes past? How to deal with barking dogs? How to be successful whilst you are in a large group?

This dvd will certainly give you a head start before you head out!

Contents: >

• Goal Setting
• Confidence issues
• Three Training Rules
• The Kiss Cue
• Learning Curves
• Ground Control
• Mounting Safely
• Pre Flight Check
• Sack Out Process
• Mounting With Mounting Block
• Dismounting...and do's and don'ts
• Go Forward Cue: Ridden
• Hip Control: Ridden
• Calm Down Cue
• On the Ground - Ridden
• Cones for Confidence: Riding Exercise
• Graphs Calm Down Graph
• Safety Cue Graph
• Hints and Tips for Comfortable Riding
• Frequently Asked Questions

Confidence on the Trail #6